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An AATV Award has long been regarded as the most prestigious award in the Middle Eastern communities in America.

It is one of the highest honors bestowed upon Arabic and Middle Eastern stars for outstanding contributions to the arts. The AATV awards highlight the artistic accomplishments of Arab and Middle Eastern stars and propel them from local to international fame. All recipients are accomplished and already starred in more than 100 successful film they all traveled from across the globe to personally receive the prestigious award at a gala ceremony in Southern California attended by over a thousand fan and respected industry and community leaders.

The AATV Lifetime Achievement Award is presented in recognition of the artist's outstanding talent and career longevity contributing to the movie and television industry in their respective country.

AATV Award for Excellence is given in recognition of the artist's exceptionally meritorious contribution to Arabic and Middle East Entertainment Arts.

Adel Emam

AATV Award Recipient Adel Emam is the most loved comedian in the Arab world. This beloved megastar who starred in over 150 films, personally came to receive the prestigious award in Hollywood.

Left to Right Moustapha Akkad, Mona Ibrahim, Wahid Boctor, Adel Emam

AATV Award Recipient Moustapha Akkad successful Hollywood producer and director- Akkad became best known for producing and co-creating with John Carpenter the Halloween film series and for directing The Lion of the Desert and The Messenger starring Anthony Quinn. Board Member of AATV. Mona Ibrahim is best known for being the host personality and presenter of AATV.

Leila Elwi and Nour El Sheriff

AATV Award Recipient Leila Elwi well-known for starring in 70 successful movies. AATV Award Recipient Nour El Sheriff, also an AATV Award Recipient. Renown El-Sheriff has fil in the Top 100 films list. His renowned career spans more than five decades on the silver screen, during which he starred in 127 films. The award was received at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Wahid Boctor, Ghada Nafi and Magda Sabahi

AATV Award Recipient Magda Sabahi, one of the greatest stars and producers of Egyptian cinema, took the lead role in sixty films. Ghada Nafi daughter of Magda Sabahi and a film star in her own right.

Wahid Boctor and Mohamed Abdel Wahab

AATV Award Recipient Legendary Mohamed Abdel Wahab composed more than 1820 songs and is considered the most innovative music n and composer of all time receiving the prestigious AATV Award at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Omar Sharif

AATV Award Recipient international superstar Omar Sharif starred in more than 100 films between Egyptian, Hollywood, France, Germany, and Europe. Lawrence of Arabia earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and he portrayed the title role in David Lean's Doctor Zhivago (1965), earning him the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Nabila Obeidand Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

AATV Award Recipient Nabila Obeid is a leading superstar in film, theater, and television. She starred with Omar Sharif and most of the leading men of Middle Eastern cinema. This earned her the title of the Number One Lady of the Egyptian Screen”. AATV Award recipient Mahmoud Abdel Aziz starred in over 100 movies receiving the prestigious award from Wahid and Mona in Hollywood.

Hussein Fahmi, Wahid Boctor, Mona Ibrahim

AATV Award Recipient Hussein Fahmy has starred in over 100 films, television, and theatre productions starting his career at UCLA.

Henry Barakat, Faten Hamama, Moustapha Akkad

AATV Award Recipient Henry Barakat is a distinguished film director of some of the most famous films in Egyptian Cinema. As a prolific Egyptian director, he is one of the most productive directors with a large number of movie credits and AATV Award Recipient Faten Hamama was an Arab film icon who starred in more than 100 films. This earned her the title of The Lady of the Arabic Screen”.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Wahid Boctor

Legendary Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Wahid Boctor at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.